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Urban Traffic

Why Choose Innovate Mobility?

About Us

Innovate Mobility is a company that is changing the way we think about mobility and public transportation. Our goal is to create better solutions for cities through a focus on equity, accessibility, and technology. From our team of experts in policy, design, and engineering, we work with the right partners to develop new solutions that make our cities more livable. We believe that through sound policy, a focus on user experience, and innovative products, we can solve many of today's problems such as poverty and climate change by helping people access jobs and live better lives.

Innovate Mobility LLC has been incorporated since 2018. We are registered with California and North Carolina's  Secretaries of State as well  as a North Carolina Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certified Minority Business Enterprise.  We are members of the North Carolina Public Transportation Association and a chapter member of the Southeast Young Transportation Professionals alliance.

Why This Work Matters

Public transit is the backbone of our cities. It transforms places, creating more connected and livable cities. Transit reduces pollution, improves public health through increased physical activity, makes communities more economically vibrant, expands business opportunities, and connects people.


In many American cities, taking transit has become more and more challenging. Whether it's affordability, access, or the experience of the service itself, it’s clear that we must look at how to innovate our industry.


Why? Without good public transportation the urban divide that limits access to opportunity and makes cities less socially vibrant grows wider. We believe that public transit is a right and should be accessible by all citizens regardless of income level or geographic location.

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