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Grant Writing

Innovate Mobility has experience and expertise drafting responses to FTA Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFO) and completing benefits cost analyses (BCA). We utilize our software tools to determine how to craft the most competitive grant requests for our clients, which resulted in IM applying for over $1.6M in grants on behalf of our clients in 2021.  


Our approach to grant applications is based on the new USDOT and White House guidelines known as “Justice40”. The goal of the Justice40 initiative is to ensure that federal dollars flow to municipalities based on their ability to provide the greatest impact to disadvantaged communities. In terms of grant applications, specifically those in the transportation space, special emphasis must be made on reducing carbon emissions, improving equity and accessibility, and helping vulnerable populations.  

IM's work allows our clients to have a very compelling grant application as they can show how their proposed project will benefit their community members and how, specifically, they will improve equity and accessibility in their cities.

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