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Modeling and Forecasting


IM’s modeling tools use the same algorithms that power smart cities. The difference is that we’re modeling mobility instead of infrastructure. We can do this because our model is based on origin/destination data obtained through real-time travel data from apps and GPS devices. Using this data as the foundation, we then built algorithms to provide our clients with data like never before.

The power of knowing where and when people travel opens wide possibilities for innovative service designs to address the "first/last mile" effectively, much in the way UberX Share does today. The results of our analysis provide a number of scenarios, helping our clients understand the push and pull between the scenarios.


Each scenario can be presented with the following criteria and more:

  • Passenger Experience – What is the travel time and wait time and how is it improved versus existing services

  • Operating Efficiency – How financially sustainable is the scenario? We provide cost per rider, cost per hour, and farebox recovery (if fares are charged)

  • Operating Effectiveness – How effective is the service? Are vehicle miles driven optimized? Is there ample seat turnover and are vehicles utilized to the highest capacity?

Using these criteria, our clients can see how providing more service may result in worse efficiency and effectiveness, or how focusing solely on cost may result in a worsened passenger experience.  

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