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Transit Design and Planning


Innovate Mobility’s approach to transit design focuses on understanding mobility needs using our advanced data analytics powered by real-world data. IM has partnered with some of the world’s largest data providers including Google, Quadrant, and other firms specializing in open-source data. We’ve built custom algorithms on top of this data to understand where and when people travel for cities all over the world.

Our algorithms can provide the basis for real-time origin destination information, with the results powering our advanced analytical tools. Using this data, we can incorporate real-world travel patterns and then model different scenarios based on our client's budget. Simply put, by knowing where and when people travel, and modeling demand based on these real-world travel patterns, we can take all the guesswork out of service design.

In addition to being able to model demand, we can also match supply. We use our supply and demand models along with route information from transit agency schedules or other sources, such as Google Transit, to help our clients understand the type of services to provide.

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